Float Fishermen of Virginia, Inc.

300 Members
Contact: Float Fishermen of Virginia, Inc
c/o Tim Henness, Treasurer
P.O. Box 1895
Hayes, Va. 23072-1895

Float Fishermen of Virginia - Dedicated to the preservation of Virginia's wild and scenic rivers. FFV is a statewide organization of canoeists, kayakers, rafters and other boaters which started in 1969. Together, we float the rivers, streams and waterways of Virginia and work to preserve and protect these important natural resources. There are chapters throughout Virginia, and each has its own personality. One chapter may paddle mostly whitewater; another may do mostly flat water fishing. But all pull together when it comes to protecting waterways. *** Appomattox River Chapter - Petersburg *** Bent Creek Chapter - Chesapeake *** Capital Falls Chapter - Richmond *** Commonwealth Chapter - Virginia at large *** Ethel River Chapter - Appomattox *** George Dickel Chapter - Charlottesville *** Randy Carter Chapter - Warrenton *** River Styx Chapter - Out of State Members *** Roanoke Valley Chapter - Roanoke *** Scotts Creek Chapter - Richmond *** Shenandoah Valley Chapter - Harrisonburg *** Steve Keller Chapter - Peninsula *** Tidewater Chapter - Chesapeake ***
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