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Contact: WebMeister and Membership Chair John Kobak

<center><img src=""></center><br>Centered in the Cleveland, OH, area, Keel-haulers is an active club with <a href="">a full trip schedule</a>. Our 100-page yearbook contains a lot of info, including maps to local rivers and a self-consistent ranking of over a hundred international whitewater rivers. The club is open to all <a href="">(Print an Application)</a>; dues are $20/year.<br> The club website has a very active <a href="">Used Boats and Equipment</a> page and a <a href="">Message Board</a>.

Home Reaches

Colorado (19. Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead )
Youghiogheny (3. Upper - Sang Run (Sang Run Road) to Friendsville)
Youghiogheny (2. Top - Swallow Falls Rd. (Bridge above Swallow Falls [State Park]) to Hoyes Run.)
Moose (3. Bottom: Fowlersville to Lyons Falls)
Raquette (4) Stone Valley: Colton to Brown's Bridge)
Cuyahoga (D. Ohio Edison Dam to Cascade Valley MetroPark)
Tinker's Creek (Tinker's Gorge in Bedford Reservation)
Slippery Rock Creek (1. Kennedy Mill (Frew Mill Rd., SR 1012) to Eckert's Bridge)
Youghiogheny (6. Lower)
Big Sandy Creek (2. Bruceton Mills to Rockville)
Big Sandy Creek (3. Rockville to Jenkinsburg Bridge (Cheat River))
Cheat (2. (Canyon) Albright to Jenkinsburg Bridge)
Gauley (7 (Upper). Summersville Dam to Mason Branch)
Gauley (9 (Lower). Bucklick Branch to Swiss)
Cuyahoga (B. Upper Gorge [Sheraton Section] Portage Trail to Front St)
Cuyahoga (F. OH 303 to Boston Mills Road)
Slippery Rock Creek (2. Eckert's Bridge to Harris Bridge (Mountville Rd, SR 2030))
Beaver (1. Moshier Section)
Vermilion (2. Middle: Edison Hwy/US20 (Schoepfle Gardens) to Mill Hollow Park)
Youghiogheny (5. Ohiopyle Falls)
Cuyahoga (A. Brady's Leap to wooden landing below Stow Street)

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