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Planning and Preparing for a River Trip

At the River and on the Water

Tools of the Trade - Choosing Your Craft

Furthering Rescue and River Running Skills

American Whitewater is proud to introduce the first 12 chapters in our new film series covering basic whitewater safety material for viewing and for community wide use. These new films offer up to date and easily digestible tips to help keep river users of all skill and experience levels safe on the water. The 12 chapters cover a sequential series of individual safety topics, beginning with Choosing The Right River, while also fitting into two short films, Planning and Preparing for a River Trip and At the River and on the Water. All 12 chapters and the full length short films are available for viewing at our YouTube page.

Guidelines for Use:

*Use embedded YouTube clips only from the authentic American Whitewater YouTube channel.

*Clearly identify films as, produced by American Whitewater under a US Coast Guard Grant and identify films utilizing American Whitewater logos

*When embedding please note American Whitewater is a non-profit membership driven river stewardship organization, with a direct link to our membership page

*Please do not refer to the films as any form of formal instruction.

*Please use this resource! It is yours to use for conveying the most rudimentary and fundamental tips for enjoying a day recreating on a river.

Designed to simply and effectively communicate the most basic elements of whitewater safety, these films provide a basis for the essential but not always accessible or readily available river knowledge that anyone wishing to spend time in a river environment should know. Produced by American Whitewater under a grant from the U.S. Coast Guard, directed and edited by Mountain Mind Media, and beautifully shot in locations across the country, there has never been a more approachable and compelling film series designed to increase basic river safety knowledge and understanding. Our hope is that everyone from professional instructors, outfitters, whitewater clubs, national parks and national forests to retail shops, whitewater centers and individual paddlers alike will adopt these films and share them with new and experienced paddlers, as we strive for a more knowledgeable and safe community.

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